Police Superintendent Chalmers
Police Superintendent Jerry Chalmers is the superintendent of Quahog Police Station. He is the twin brother of Superintendent Chalmers from The Simpsons, which is canonical to the show.


In "Shanksgiving", Joe Swanson purposefully got himself arrested, which got him in trouble with his superior officer, known as Police Superintendent Jerry Chalmers, who was clearly a carbon copy of Superintendent Gary Chalmers from The Simpsons. Jerry Chalmers explained that he and Gary were twins and that their parents got divorced when they were very young. Jerry was raised by his mother in Quahog, while Gary was raised by his father in Springfield. Currently, Jerry and Gary have never met.


  • Jerry Chalmers' only known appearance on television was his cameo in the Family Guy episode, "Shanksgiving". However, his existence and backstory is canonical to The Simpsons, despite him never being mentioned or seen in the latter series.
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