Peter: Sheesh, Brian, you're such a freakin' buzzkill about everything. Even worse than Buzz Killington.
(Cutaway to Peter, Quagmire, Brian, and Joe, sitting around the table at the bar, laughing. Buzz Killington walks into frame. When he does, they all instantly stop laughing)
Buzz: Good evening, gentlemen. What's the reason for the the rabble rousing here?
Quagmire: (disappointed) Oh, hey buzz.
Brian: (disappointed) Yeah, hey.
Joe: (disappointed) Hi.
Peter: (disappointed) Uh, yeah, hey Buzz. Um, ... I was just ... telling a joke.
Quagmire: Yeah, a joke.
Joe: A funny one.
Buzz: Well, your good-willed hue and cry, is about to get even better, for I seem to have tapped into good tidings, regarding the ignominious, George Walker Bush.
Peter: (uninterested) Oh ... good.
Quagmire: (uninterested) Yeah, certain people don't like Bush. This is ... uh ...
Peter: This should be good for them.
Quagmire: Good for them, yeah.
Buzz: Well, I've taken it, his respondent percentage of approval ratings have declined immensely. Presently, he lies above not much else, than the legal requirements.
(Peter, Quagmire, and Joe all facepalm and groan, simultaneously)
Brian: (chuckles)
Quagmire: Stop laughing, you douche! That's not funny!
Brian: You know, this reminds me of a joke.
Peter: Brian, no!
Quagmire: Stop.
Joe: Don't encourage him.
Brian: Apparently Bush fell of his bike, while mountain biking, last weekend. He seemed to have hit the exposed root of a tree and really scuffed his arm good, sliding across the dusty trail. Well, there's a switch. The environment hurting Bush.
(Buzz Killington facepalms and groans, when he facepalms, he pushes his monocle up, similarly to how Peter pushes his glasses up. Brian's face drops.)
Buzz: Oh, Brian. Oh, that was dreadful, just dreadful.
(Buzz walks away)
Buzz: Oh, and I was having such a gay old time too.
(Peter, Quagmire, and Joe all give Brian a look. Cut back to the living room)

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