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Petey IV is an episode of Family Guy.


Peter celebrates Dolph Lundgren's birthday, by watching a Russian bootleg version of Rocky IV. Meanwhile, Brian has the hots for his new co-worker at the suicide hotline.




Major Roles

Minor Roles


  • This episode appropriately aired on Dolph Lundgren's 60th birthday.
  • Peter owns an Apple TV and Playstation.
  • Weenie and the Butt is parodied as Russian Morning Zoo show The Penis and the Buttocks.


  • Peter notes that both his parents are dead. His mother, Thelma died in "Mom's the Word" and his father, Francis died in "Peter's Two Dads".
    • Strangely, he doesn't account for his real father, Mickey McFinnagin, who was introduced in the same episode his step-father, Francis died.
  • Brian breaks his leg in this episode, and it stays broken for a few episodes afterwards.

Cultural References

  • The title references the film Rocky IV in which Rocky Balboa takes on the Soviet fighter Ivan Drago.
  • Peter walks the audience though a cutaway gag reference to the 1989 Polaner All Fruit commercial.
  • Quagmire passes on Seth MacFarlane's film, A Million Ways to Die in the West.
  • Shirtless Vladimir Putin, as well as Peter and the guys, parody a series of photographs taken during a Siberian camping trip in 2009 as part of a publicity stunt to highlight Putin's macho image.
  • Putin refers to an incident in which baseball player George Brett defecated in his pants.
  • Peter's response to Putin calling him a chicken mimics that of Marty McFly's reaction to the same insult in Back to the Future, Parts II & III.
  • Donald Trump sends a text, "Hey I heard you were in town. You up for grabbing some <PUSSY>?", referring to the Access Hollywood tape, where he had stated that he would 'Grab 'em by the pussy'.
  • Putin states that he rigs all the U.S. presidential elections, referring to the 2016 election interference by Russia to aid then-candidate Donald Trump.



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