Peter and Lois Getting Married
Peter and Lois' Relationship is the relationship with Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin. Peter and Lois are a man and a woman, who are in love and in a monogamous marriage of at least 20 years. They bear three children, Chris, Meg, and Stewie. Peter and Lois often bicker and spar, with Peter doing something stupid and/or dangerous and Lois bossing him around, telling him not do to that idiotic thing, only for Peter to ignore her completely, only to find out that Lois was right and he should have listened ... most of the time. Sometimes Peter shows Lois up, and rubs it in her face, with an annoying and childish "I told you so" dance. However, at the end of the day, the two of them still love each other and they wouldn't want it any other way.


Death Lives

The day Peter and Lois met was delved into, when Death took Peter back in time to witness the moment again. Sometime in the mid to late 70's, Peter and Lois were shown taking a moonlit walk down by a lake that night. Peter opened his shirt and made his belly talk and do an Arte Johnson impression, making Lois laugh. The two chased each other around the forest and Peter playfully tackled her, leading them both to roll down a hill and land in the streets down below, where they proceeded to make out. A truck driver was driving down the road and had to swerve out of the way, when he saw them in his headlights, leading to him crashing into the other side of the road and getting crushed by his door, blown up by his gas tank, burned alive by the fire, and ripped apart by some wolves, which killed him, while Peter and Lois just made out.

When Peter first met Carter, ready to take Lois on a prom date, he instantly left a bad impression on him, due to how he blatantly objectified his daughter. Annoyed, Carter knocked Peter out cold and shipped him off to the middle of the ocean, so that he'd never go near his daughter again.

After getting sent far away by Carter, Peter went on a wild goose chase to get her back and along the way, met the likes of Glenn Quagmire and Cleveland Brown, who would eventually become his friends. When he got back to the Pewterschmidt House, Carter bribed him with ten million dollars to stay away from Lois but Peter turned down the offer just to be with her. Lois was overhearing this conversation as she passed by the room and when Peter declared his love for her, she ran into the room and hugged him and they became boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Peter & Lois' Wedding

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