Pearl Burton
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Pearl Burton

Pearl Burton was a character, who appeared in the episode Brian Wallows, Peter's Swallows. She was a grouchy old lady that Brian hated, but had to take care of. She was later revealed to be a former celebrity, making Brian like her. She is voiced by Alex Borstein.


Pearl Burton was an American jingle singer who appeared in "Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows". Her career culminated in her attempt to sing opera in front of an audience at Carnegie Hall. The crowd interrupted her with requests for her many jingles.

Devastated, Pearl went into seclusion for several decades and was presumed dead. Brian Griffin met Pearl while serving an outreach for the elderly program. This was part of his community service requirement as punishment for his drunk driving arrest. The devastation and seclusion turned her bitter and angry at the world, and did not initially appreciate Brian's help.

Brian learned of Pearl's aspirations as well as her downfall in an episode of E! Mysteries & Scandals where she was the focus. He ran back to her home just in time to catch her as she tried to hang herself in her kitchen.

He then convinces Pearl to see the outside world via song, she does so, only to be hit by a truck and die later in the hospital. However, before she passed away, Brian used a virtual reality helmet to show her the outside world and what their future would've been. It is made clear that Brian had fallen in love with her.

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