• Opie and Peter and Foaud and Chris and Brian and Fernando and Lexia and Cleveland and Bob goes to the sheriff department and then he meets sheriff Luke Salem to know the fine. Opie follows Luke Salem into the office and he wonders its safe and then he finds a group of Brown Mafia's and then kills them and then he heads to the hospital in Oakland County. In Oakland County Opie follows Sheriff Luke Salem into the hospital and finds a doctor Lacey who helps him.
  • Opie follows Doctor Lacey around the hospital to be willing it's safe there and then she tells him to go outside. Opie takes Sheriff Luke Salem to the motel down the road where they find it desperate. Opie and Sheriff Luke Salem check to see what's game is pool while waiting for the Brown Mafia's. In the back of the motel Opie has the Brown Mafia's and the survivalists and then kills them and leaves the building. Opie gets a car with Luke Salem for the ride on the way back.
  • Opie takes Luke Salem to the lockup to know what's there. Opie enjoys it himself.


  • Opie as Julian Glover
  • Peter Griffin as Seth MacFarlane
  • Foaud as Seth Rogen
  • Chris Griffin as Seth Green
  • Brian Griffin as Seth MacFarlane
  • Fernando Martins as Morgan Freeman
  • Lexia Martins as Lorraine Bracco
  • Cleveland Brown as Mike Henry
  • Bob Powell as Jason Jones
  • Luke Salem as James Garner
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