Pawtucket Pat
Pawtucket Pat is the founder of the Pawtucket Brewery. He is a parody of Willy Wonka, only he has a beer factory instead of a chocolate factory. The people who work for him are a bunch of short, orange freaks called Chumbawumbas. His only appearance was in "Wasted Talent", and he's made non-recurring mentions and pictures, in future episodes.


In "Wasted Talent", Pawtucket Pat hid five silver scrolls in a few random cans of Pawtucket Patriot Ale, and whoever got them would get an exclusive tour of his factory. The five scrolls were gathered by Grandpa Bigot, Karina Moore, Jerry Nelson, Joe Swanson, and Peter Griffin. They were each allowed to bring along one friend. These friends were, respectively, Charleston Bigot, Tina Moore, Janey Nelson, Kevin Swanson, and Brian Griffin. Pawtucket Pat gave people a tour of his factory and kicked people out, one by one, for breaking the rules. The first duo to leave were The Swansons, when Joe's wheelchair stopped him from going up the stairs to the entrance. The second ones to go were The Moores, when Karina got super drunk and started sexually harassing Pat. The third group to get cut were The Nelsons, when Jerry got drunk and picked a bar fight with one of the Chumbawumbas. The penultimate group to go were The Griffins, when Peter and Brian abused The Permasud Tunnel. They were not given a proper sendoff. As such, The Bigots were the last team standing, and therefore, they made it to the magical elevator thingy at the end.

In "Jungle Love", Pawtuket Pat retired and sold the brewery to Angela. This all happened offscreen and was only mentioned in passing, so many important details remain unclear.

In "Pawtucket Pete", shortly after Bert and Sheila became the new managers of the brewery, they wanted to replace Pawtucket Pat as the face of the brewery, and they chose Peter to become the new mascot, known as "Pawtucket Pete" and later added Brian as the sidekick, "Hops", who eventually grew to become more popular.

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