Paul Perez
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Paul Perez

Full Name:

Paul Perez (Paul Lopez)



Paul Perez or Paul Lopez is Edward and Alphonse's half brother and Riley's enemy. He was Angie's son then decide to let his grand parents take care of her son. Paul's ex-girlfriend Marceline had been dating for 4 weeks and because of his rudeness, they broke up and Paul saying very harsh things to her (he said he only liked her because he wanted someone to be his slave and it worked).


Paul has a habit of being rude to almost everyone, even to his half brothers Ed and Al. Riley,his enemy, he was even crueler to him than anyone else.

Family Guy: The Anime Guys

Paul has appeared when he noticed his ex-girlfriend and half brother on the beach. He told them to get out, then later noticed his worst enemy, Riley, then asks what is he doing in the beach, Riley's response was none of his business, Paul challenged Riley to a fight and Edward and Alphonse had hesitated. Riley accepts, and the two has to battle until one of them loses consciousness.
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Paul challenges Riley to a fight

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