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Patty Tanniger was a recurring character from Family Guy. He is a short, annoying man, who constantly picks fights with people over meaningless and petty things. His catchphrase is "Big whoop, wanna fight about it?" He first appeared in "Fore Father", and died in "Hell Comes to Quahog". His being written off the show was due to him being strongly disliked among the fanbase and even the writing staff.


Patty Tanniger first appears in "Fore Father" as the caddy manager at the local golf course. Whenever he states a fact, he follows the sentence by saying: "Big whoop, want to fight about it?"

In "The Sandloss", he was a guy on another baseball team, provoking Chris' baseball team.

In "The Fat Man and the Sea", he told Peter that his boat was no big deal and he should fight with him.

In "Model Misbehavior", he was jealous of Peter being married to Lois and got his ass kicked.

In "Lethal Weapons", he picked a fight with some New Yorkers and got his ass kicked.

In "The Cleveland Loretta Quagmire", Peter tried to bring out Cleveland's tough guy side, by having Patty provoke him. Cleveland just stood by and let him be obnoxious, while Patty punched him in the legs, causing no damage at all. Patty did this, until he wore himself out.

In "Brian the Bachelor", he was the first bachelor voted off the show, for being an obnoxious little rat.

In "The Perfect Castaway", he worked at Honda and Subaru, and acted like an annoying boss to Brian.

In "Hell Comes to Quahog", he was run over by a tank, and officially killed off the show.

In "A New Lease of Death", Stewie found his spirit, beyond death. When asked why he was in Heaven, Patty said that he was so annoying that he was kicked out of Hell, as he was deemed too insufferable to be there.

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