Patty Patterson
Patty Patterson

Patricia "Patty" Patterson is a friend of Meg's. Like Meg, she is very gross and ugly and she is always being abused by everyone in her school. She is a good friend of Meg. Meg usually hangs out with her, alongside Ruth and Esther.


Patty is a supposedly ugly teenage girl. She has big, curly red hair with split ends and stray hair going all over the place. She usually ties her hair in a ponytail. She uses a red ponytail holder to hold her ponytail. She has teeth with braces on them. She has rectangular glasses that she always wears. She wears a nerdy red buttoned up shirt with an open yellow vest. She has blue pants. She wears a brown belt. Surprisingly, she actually looks good under her unappealing jeans and button up.


Patty is a social outcast. She loves it when the name Patty is in a movie. Her personalty is often referred to in the show as annoying. She is usually seen as a total nerd.


  • She, along with the other friends in Meg's group of friends follows a name scheme, where her last name is an extended version of her first name. Her name is "Patty Patterson", while the other friends are named Ruth Rutherford and Esther Esthederm. By extent, there's also Beth Bethany, a former friend of Meg's that only appeared in seasons 4-6.
  • In the episode A Fistful of Meg, it was revealed that she has two moms.
  • In the episode Scammed Yankees, it was revealed that she actually had a really great body. Brian found out about this and started dating her in order to get with her.
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