Patrick Pewterschmidt
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Patrick Pewterschmidt

Patrick William Pewterschmidt (born 1964) is the older brother of Lois and Carol, the son of Carter and Babs Pewterschmidt, the brother-in-law of Peter and Mayor Adam West and the uncle of Meg, Chris and Stewie.


He made his first appearance in the episode “The Fat Guy Strangler”. He lives in Quahog Mental Institution when Lois and the kids first visit him, Patrick explains about why he was sent there. It was because he caught Babs in bed with Jackie Gleason. He’s been in that mental institution for the last 30 years. He introduces them to his “wife” Marion but she’s imaginary. Later in the episode, Carter calls Lois and tells her that Patrick is bad news but she doesn’t believe him and tells him that he’s perfectly safe. Throughout the episode, Patrick strangles obese men giving him the nickname “The Fat Guy Strangler”. Brian shows Lois pictures of Patrick strangling fat guys and finds bodies of fat guys in Meg’s bedroom. Lois finally believes Brian and they call the police. Lois threatens to “kill” his imaginary wife, Marion and gives up. Patrick apologizes for what he’s done and agrees with Lois that he’d be sent back to the mental hospital promising that the whole family visits him once a month. He’s sent back to the mental institution and doesn’t appear again until the episode “Killer Queen” when former hot dog eating champion, Charles Yamamoto releases Patrick from his room. He’s accussed of murdering a fat kid at the fat camp where Peter and Chris were attending. But when Peter calls Lois on his cellphone she sees Patrick standing at the front door and is shocked to see him. He tells the family that someone told him that he was free to go not realizing that the one who set him free was Charles Yamamoto. Joe allows Patrick to help him and Peter catch the murderer. They return to the scene of the crime and find another dead fat kid only this time with blond hair. Patrick was able to put two and two together by saying that the killer wasn’t after random fat kids that he was after Chris because the first kid wore a hat and the second kid had blond hair. They apologized to Patrick for accusing him of murder.

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