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Padma's Dad (father)
Padma's Mom (mother)
Unnamed Sister (sister)
Dhiraj (brother-in-law)

Padma is an Indian tech support girl that Brian fell in love with and dated in the episode "Road to India".


Brian's laptop started having problems, so he called tech support and Padma was the girl who picked up. Having only heard her voice, Brian instantly fell in love with her. He kept calling her again and again, having completely forgotten about the computer. Stewie was eventually fed up with it and convinced him that if he loves her as much as he does, he should see her in person.

Brian and Stewie flew to India and went to the tech support group, where she was and Brian had seen her for the first time, thinking she was more beautiful than he imagined. They went on a lot of dates together and in one day, the two of them had officially fallen in love. Stewie told Brian that he was going way too fast with her, but he ignored him.

Padma eventually proposed engagement and later marriage upon Brian, to which he accepted. Since there was really no stopping Brian now, Stewie decided to stop trying. Padma took Brian to her father's place, where they celebreated her engagament, but her father had already chosen a man for her. Padma didn't like him and refused, saying that the only man she wants to get married to with is Brian, but her father had already paid for a wedding.

Brian went on a game show to cover the costs for their wedding, but since he failed to answer the first question correctly, he lost and Padma dumped him because he obviously didn't know enough about Indian culture and so, he wasn't meant for her.

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