Orange in Da Whitehouse Donald Trump gets elected President of the United States much to the annoyance of the mostly democrat voting Rhode Island. Then Peter's Step Cousin Kathy Griffin gets herself arrested for posting a picture of herself holding a mock severed head of President Donald Trump on Twitter in protest.


The Griffins are watching the election results. When Tom announces Donald Trump has won due to the Electoral College votes the Griffins angrily protest at the TV and Peter in a fit of anger smashes up the place and batters Lois and Meg.

"Man, I'm madder than that lady in the green anorak who's sitting on the floor screaming right now on the news!" Peter rants. A cutaway shows live action footage of the screaming lady at the inauguration screaming Noooooooooo! into the sky repeatedly.

"Hehehe! You're gonna get a sore throat doing that, lady!" Peter says over the footage.

Back in the Griffins. "Well, Peter a lot of people are angry at the results! Hilary actually got more votes! It's that damn Electoral College!" Lois explained nursing her injuries.

"Well someone must have voted for him." Peter asks.

"Yes, probably all those inbred rednecks in the south!" Lois replied in a cross tone.


One afternoon everyone is protesting outside the White House, and some are protesting outside Mayor West's office.

"Send out the Storm Troopers!" Trump orders his men. Storm troopers from Star Wars are released and the kill all the protesters with lasers.

Later a great big brick wall is built along the southern border of the United States with Mexico. Every single Mexican including the Griffins are deported.

However a Hawaiian judge rules this unconstitutional. He is then assassinated by ninjas and replaced by a loyal worker working for Trump.


The Mexicans and the Griffins demand to be let back into the USA. However guards shoo them away with gun fire.

The Griffins lament their fate and Peter makes a cutaway gag.

Green anorak lady then tells Peter off for assuming her gender. She says she's a basketball. Brian finds this extremely stupid and is called out for not being a true democrat.

"He's not anything. He just has to be on the unpopular side..." Stewie remarks.


Later on the news Peter's Step cousin Kathy Griffin gets herself arrested for uploading a photo on her twitter page of herself holding a bloody severed head of Donald Trump.

"Kathy..." The Griffins sigh. They're temporary allowed under armed escort to visit Kathy in jail. However she keeps jabbering on and won't shut up.

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