Oh Mother Oh Father
Oh Mother, Oh Father is a song sung by Chris, Meg, Stewie, and Brian in "Take My Wife", before being cut off by Peter.


Meg/Chris/Stewie/Brian: Oh mother, oh father,
We needn't be a bother
But there's something we must tell you.
Oh mother, oh father
There's no one we would rather
Give our love to.
Accept this song, we've cued
As thanks and gratitude.
For all the great things you do.
Stewie: I'm the youngest son
And you're both the only ones
Of whom I love and treasure.
Chris: I'm his oldest brother
And there's simply no one other
I love, beyond measure.
Meg: I'm the duo's sister
And to you, madame and mister,
Peter (Speaking): STOP! ... What the hell are you doing? This is NOT normal!

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