Oh, Cunnilingus is a song sung by the Barbershop Quartet in the episode "Family Gay". After Peter Griffin turned gay, Lois hired the quartet to sing him a song, reminding him of the joy of pleasing a woman. The song is cut off at the end, when the singers notice Peter has left, to please his husband with "fellatio", which was mentioned by them in the song, seconds beforehand.


Quartet: Oh, Cunniligus.
I want to do you right now.
You taste so good.
My mouth doth water for thou.
Oh, Cunniligus.
You brighten up my life.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
Basso: But not as much as my wife.
Quartet: There's a whole
Lot of ways
To please her with my dingus.
Basso: Like, there's a hole.
Quartet: But the only way
To use my tongue
Is to give her cunnilingus.
Oh, cunnilingus.
Though your done on a smaller ratio
You're just as good
As the male equivalent, called fellatio!
Oh, cunni-


  • It is set to the tune of "Angel or Devil", by "The Clovers".
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