1. Punk'd Eggs: The Angry Birds Punk The Pigs In The Series Pilot Of When The Red Bird Gets His Leg Broken.
  2. Mighty Lorax: The Angry Birds Meet The Lorax And Talk About Bringing Back Real Trees. While The Pigs Have Other Plans In Mind.
  3. Ranger Above: The Angry Birds Become Rangers.
  4. The Big Screw-up: The Angry Birds Accidentally Destroy An Construnction Building.
  5. Ham Em Low: The Angry Birds Go Cowboy.
  6. Minecraft And Dine: In The Animation Form Of Minecraft, The Angry Birds Try To Get Back Home From The Minecraft World.
  7. Cartoon Network 20th Birdday Party: Cartoon Network Shows Are Spoofed In Angry Bird Form.
  8. Not So Bad Piggies: A Spin Off Of The Not So Bad Piggies
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