Nichole Silver
Full name

Nichole Amanda Silver



Nichole Admana Silver is a girl that Brian dated in the episode Brian's Got a Brand New Bag.


After getting into a car accident, with her, Brian and Nichole caught feelings for each other, shortly upon first gaze. They exchanged numbers and planned on having a date the next day. However, when Brian arrived that day, it turned out that Nichole had left with someone else, presented in the information spoken by her mother, Rita. Upon which, he and Rita dated each other. Nichole was not seen again, until one of their dates in her residence, where she was hauled into the room by two muscular black men, as well as shining a black eye on her face. She was then hoisted up the stairwell, to an inevitable and unarguably painful sex date with the two men, abusing her and taking advantage of her. This raised no concern with either of them.

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