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Lois: were here, And now we need a car to drive us to our new home. There's a car dealer just a mile from here, and our house is 10 miles away.

Brian: we can take a taxi.

Peter: yea... Let's do that

(in the taxi)

Peter: so Lois... Are we going to make a new family since Meg, Chris, and stewie were stolen?

Lois: yes.

Brian: were at the car dealer now

(gets off tax)

Brian: yes... Let's buy a Prius.

(1 car purchase later)

(inside of the new car)

Lois: just a 9 mile drive to the house.

Brian: you know, you might've been wise to move.

(1 10 minute drive later)

Lois: there's the house!

(they park at the house)

Peter: wow

Brian: this is an amazing house

Lois: it has 4 rooms. One can be used as a girls room, a boys room, a study room, and our room.

(more coming Son)

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