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Neil Goldman is the son of Mort and Muriel Goldman. He is a perverted, unattractive Jewish boy, who goes to James Woods Regional High School and has a major crush on Meg. Despite her constant rejections, Neil continues trying to pursue her anyway, annoying her to no end. Neil is also good friends with Chris.


In "Let's Go to the Hop", Neil made his first appearance, when asking Meg out to the upcoming prom. Annoyed, Meg rejected him but he kept on asking her and trying to win her over, by showing off his audio visual skills.

In "Employee for Fire", Neil returned to hit on Meg some more, only to get rejected.

In "The Kiss Seen Around the World", Meg kissed Neil on the lips, out of desperation, as they were both in danger of dying and this was Meg's last chance to kiss a boy. A video of this got out and it ruined Meg's social life.

In "Love is in the Air", a bunch of aphrodisiac chemicals got Meg to fall in love with Neil. However, these same chemicals got Neil to fall out of love with Meg and redirect his love toward Kevin.

In "Neighbor Pains",

In "The Story On Page One",

In "Pubic Indecency",

In "Power Over Peter",

In "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein",


Neil Goldman is a homely teenage male, with pasty Caucasian skin and curly red Jewish hair, that's almost as thick as his glasses, that come in the color black and a squareish shape. He has a sizeable overbite, expressing his ovular buck teeth, wrapped together by his sticky, metallic retainer. Neil has three noticeable orange freckles on each cheek and he wears a blue baseball cap that says "AV" on it. It's clear this stands for "Audio Visuals", as he is a technician and he works in the AV club at school. Neil wears a lime green shirt, dark green pants, a black belt with a gold ovular buckle, and white sneakers. Neil is positioned in a bit of a hideous, hunchbacked slouch, which only further exemplifies the repulsive and ungoldly wretchedness of his Judaism.


Neil is a repulsive, ugly nerd, who is recognized as being a creepy, stalkerish, nuisance to many people around him, namely Meg, as she is his love interest, of whom he is constantly asking out, despite all of the clear, consistent, and beautifully blunt rejections.


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Muriel Goldman

Meg Griffin

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Cleveland Junior

Jake Tucker

Kevin Swanson

Connie D'amico

Love Life

Neil Goldman has spent the majority of his love life, fixated on Meg and he shows no signs of ever changing this. Neil has asked Meg out on numerous occasions to no prevail. Well, that's not entirely true. Neil has managed to get Meg to kiss him in "The Kiss Seen Around the World", "The Story On Page One", and "Power Over Peter". He made her fall in love with him in "Love is in the Air", and he officially got her to go out with him in "Once Bitten". All in all, despite all of Meg's rejections, it's almost certain that if Meg should end up with anyone, it would have to be Neil, as he is the only person on Earth who not only doesn't abuse her, but also straight out loves her. No matter how much Meg dislikes him, she has no other choice, and it's either him or nobody, making the likelihood of Meg and Neil's ultimate relationship, not a very unlikely outcome to their story.

Episode Appearances


  • Neil is in the AV (Audio Visuals) club at James Woods Regional High School.
  • Neil is the editor of the school newspaper, The James Wood Bugle.
  • Neil is arguably the only character, who doesn't abuse Meg, at least not in the traditional sense.
  • Without his retainer, Neil has a deep, confident, and somewhat seductive voice.
  • In "The Kiss Seen Around the World", it was revealed that Neil was trapped in a Quantum Leap and that he wouldn't be able to escape, until he got Meg Griffin to fall in love with him.
  • Neil Goldman is named after a writer of the show.
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