Mr. Washee Washee
Mr. Washee Washee
Mr. Washee Washee

Dry Cleaners Owner and Violin Teacher


Carol West (ex-wife)

Mr. Washee Washee is an Asian dry cleaner at the Super Cowboy USA Hot Dog Rocket Ship American Cleaners Number One dry cleaners. Lois has been using Mr. Washee Washee's dry cleaners for 10 years and doesn't plan to stop now. He first appeared in "Teigs for Two". He is voiced by Robert Wu.


He supposedly stole a shirt that belonged to Peter Griffin in "Tiegs for Two". He is angered by Peter so much that he bans him from the store. Peter later apologized to Washee Washee and invited him for dinner. There, Peter brings up the shirt, once again angering Washee Washee, who then bans the entire Griffin family. Later, Peter invades Washee Washee's home only to discover that a similar white shirt isn't Peter's. Peter begins fighting Mr. Washee Washee in a fashion similar to Street Fighter II, which ends in Peter ultimately losing and ending up in jail.

In "Brothers & Sisters", in the midst of her depression over her break up with Adam West, Carol started dating Mr. Washee Washee. In the span on one day, she married him on impulse and then got dumped. In their divorce Mr. Washee Washee got all the alimony money, much to the dismay of the very racist Carter, who was pained to spare even a fraction of his wealth to a "sliver-eyed chink" as he called him.

In "Dry Hump Only", Mr. Washee Wahee starts charging Peter more for dry cleaning because of how much times he's coming back to his store with laundry.

In "The Finer Strings”, Peter takes up violin lessons with Mr. Washee Washee at his dry cleaners in an effort to get back into the guy's string quartet, but Mr. Washee Washee's lessons involve burning Peter's bare back with a hot iron. When the guys see the lengths that Peter is willing to go to, they allow him back into the group where he performs admirably, but after his performance, destroys his violin due to the mental abuse at the hands of Mr. Washee Washee.

In "Maid in China", Peter and Mr. Washee Washee go to China to get Consuela back.

Episode Appearances


  • It is shown that he is a fan of Star Trek, but focuses solely on the Mr. Sulu character.
  • In "Dry Hump Only", it was revealed that he was Chinese.
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