Opies and Peter Griffin and Brian and Chris go to the Griffin house wheRe Opies lives and then Opies has a conversation with Peter and Brian and Chris to tell him to meet Jack Ferrara. At the streets Opies and the antagonist Jack Ferrara is put and then they drive and then they go to the gas station to get gas and then they have 2 Hitman gangsters and the Ferrara Mafia's and then Opies kills the 2 bad guys the Hitmen gangsters and the Ferrara Mafias. Pokes and Peter and Brian and Chris and Jack goes inside and targets the 2 Hitmans Remy and Zack Garone. Peter and Opies and Chris and Jack and Brian exits the store and then they leave. Opies needs to kill the Ferrara Maria's and then kill 2 Ferrara Soldiers named Gordo Moss and Xavier Hebron and then they drive out of the gas station. Opies and Peter and Brian and Chris and Jack drive to the Griffin house home safe. Opies drives his crew to turn left onto the neighborhood where the traffic is. At the neighborhood Opies and Jack and Peter and Brian and Chris pull into the driveway and they drive in and then enters the house. In the house Opies and Chris and Brian and Peter and Jack enjoys themselves together and then they have questions to share. Opies answers his phone to tell Chris tomorrow At school to meet him at the AV club. Opies drives to the school and then meets Chris and Charlie Moore at the AV club to talk about the day going on at AV club and then enjoys time for themselves. At home Opies and Chris are talking with Peter about the AV club they had after school and they conclude the story about it. Opies goes to sleep with Peter Griffin on how they have there opinions and then they keep on sleeping with the alarm clock on and they conclude it once and for all. Opies and Peter and Foaud and Brian and Jack and Chris go to the airport in Rhode Island and then they move to Los Angeles California. Opies and Peter and Foaud and Brian and Jack and Chris go into the house and they enjoy it in Los Angeles California a place for there new home. Opies gets it right and everything.


  • Opies as Julian Glover
  • Peter Griffin as Seth MacFarlane
  • Brian Griffin as Seth MacFarlane
  • Foaud as Seth Rogen
  • Chris Griffin as Seth Green
  • Jack Ferrara as Frank Grillo
  • Remy Baldwin as Andy Comeau
  • Zack Garone as Frank Bonsangue
  • Gordo Moss as Ned Beatty
  • Xavier Hebron as Nick Swardson
  • Charlie Moore as Michael Shannon Air Date
  • It aired on May 21 1995
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