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Movin' In (Principal Shepherd's Song)
Season 18, Episode 12
Principal Shepherd is a Piece of Crap
Air date December 8, 2019
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Movin' In (Principal Shepherd's Song) is the 12th episode of the eighteenth season of Family Guy. It's the 438th episode, overall.


Principal Shepherd moves in with the Griffins after he is fired for fat-shaming Chris at school. Meanwhile, Brian sues Stewie for writing a series of children's books which portray him as an idiot.


Principal Shepherd Writing

When Chris gets picked to do the morning announcements, he flubs the job after misreading every single word. Annoyed, Principal Shepherd takes over. After Chris leaves, Principal Shepherd does the morning announcements and then forgets to turn off the microphone, so everything he says is heard by the whole school. Principal Shepherd sits there and insults Chris, calling him a number of names, mostly regarding his weight. The students all laugh at Chris and Chris runs out of the room, crying. At a meeting of the school board, Lois is outraged that someone fat-shamed Chris and insists on something being done so he is fired. Peter and Lois find him homeless so they invite him to stay with them. He soon starts to turn the home into a carbon copy of the school, and when the family complains, he tricks them into 'detention' in the basement. After some time to bond, they successfully petition the school board to reinstate Principal Shepherd.

Stewie Makes Brian Books

Meanwhile, Brian discovers Stewie with an entire opera going on in his room and questions the source of the money. This annoys Stewie who claims he can't let anyone be happy. Brian later goes to the pet store to buy a pet dog and finds out later that Stewie's money came from making him the uncomplimentary star of a book he writes about him being a dumb dog. The book is called Flunky the Dumb White Dog, written by ghostwriter "Griffin Stewart". Brian complains to Stewie about how he was presented in the book, but Stewie says he presented the real Brian. Brian files a suit against Stewie, sueing him for slander. In the courthouse, Stewie successfully proves that Brian is just as idiotic as he was depicted in the book, if not, more. After one day, Stewie wins the case.

Brian seems to take the loss well and says it inspired him to get back into writing himself. However, Stewie finds out that this means that he wrote his own uncomplimentary book about Stewie being gay called Swishy the Football Baby. As he gives chase, the scene changes to Chris pitching a book with both characters, but is rejected. However, the publisher has some interest in an erotic Phineas and Ferb fanfiction.


Major Roles[]

Minor Roles[]


Principal Shepherd: Okay, Chris. While you make these announcements, I'm going to be massaging your shoulders, just so I can say in court that I do it to everyone.

[Chris misreads the morning announcements and Principal Shepherd corrects him]
Chris: God.
Principal Shepherd: Good.
Chris: Movement.
Principal Shepherd: Morning.
Chris: Anglebird.
Principal Shepherd: Everyone.
Chris: The stagnant cancer muting.
Principal Shepherd: The student council meeting.

Brian: Stewie, how can you afford an entire opera in your room?
Stewie: Oh, boy. Brian's upset because someone has something he doesn't. You know what I'm getting you for your birthday? The ability to be happy for other people.

Stewie: Brian, I'd love to stay and talk but Bugs Bunny is about to make this tenor hold a note for far longer than anyone should.

[Chris comes in, crying]
Peter: Keith, what's the matter?
Lois: It's Chris, you idiot. [to Meg] Mary, what happened?

Lois: School should be a safe place, where they get shot sometimes.

Council Lady: There's still the agenda item of you fat-shaming Chris Griffin.
Principal Shepherd: I think we can table that ... as long as it's a pretty strong table.

Lois: This is the year 2019 and nothing is okay. This is the year of instant outrage.
Peter: [outraged] WHAT!?

Superintendent: If your son had been shot, all I could offer thoughts and prayers but this calls for a far stronger response.

Peter: Lois, can I talk to you one step over this way, yet magically out of earshot from him?

Peter: The wi-fi is "Joe Swanson Guest".

Principal Shepherd: Now, I believe you have some masturbating to do, young man.
Chris: I already did it.
Principal Shepherd: Chris.
Chris: I mean ... I was about to.
Principal Shepherd: Atta boy.
[Peter and Principal Shepherd chuckle]
Peter: Oh, he's a good boy.

Doug: I need to borrow a shovel.
Stewie: A hole? Where are you going? China?
Doug: That's the hope.

[Brian nearly knocks Doug off his trike]
Doug: Who-hoa, careful! That's how God makes angels!

Meg: Allahu Akbaar!

Meg: How long is Principal Shepherd gunna keep is in detention down here?
Lois: Oh, you got a big date?
Meg: Hey. Bite my butt, mom. At least I'm not a withered old slut like you are.
Lois: Well, at least my sluttiness brought your virgin asses into this world.
Chris: Hey! Leave me out of this you dumb ho! Why do you talk with a Brooklyn accent? Nobody in your fucking family talks with a Brooklyn accent! Where the hell did you pick that up from?
Lois: I don't know Chris. Where'd you get your fat ass from?
Chris: Hey. I'd rather be a fatass than be married to one.
Peter: ... Oof ...

Meg: Alright, we're playing.
[Meg points a gun at Peter]
Peter: No no no! No no no no no! Meg! Meg! Meg!
[Meg shoots the gun but it's empty; Peter takes the gun and rolls the cylinder]
Peter: Alright, who's next?

[Chris catfishes Joe]
Chris: Checkmate.

Judge Blackman: Mr. Foreman, has the jury reached a verdict?
Mr. Foreman: We have not, your honor. We all fell we need another night at The Hyatt with free HBO.
Judge Blackman: That free HBO was just a preview. It ended today.
Mr. Foreman: We have a verdict, your honor.

Brian: Herf-Derf!

[Stewie looks at Doug's Instagram post about him going to China]
Stewie: Fat ankles.

Superintendent: I hereby reinstate Principal Shepherd.
Peter: Yes! I love you, baby!
[Peter grabs Lois and kisses a random woman]
Peter: Sorry, Lois. I needed you out of the way, so I could kiss this lady.

[Chris tries to publish "The Adventures of Flunky and Swishy" with with a book publisher]
Publisher: I'm sorry. It's not really our brand.
Chris: I see. Well, what about Phineas and Ferb erotic fanfiction?
Publisher: Now that is interesting. Read it to me, while I eat my soup.
Chris: Ferb was having a throbby morning. Phineas was having none of it. "Ferb, I know what we're gunna do today!", exclaimed Phineas, before narrowing his eyes provocatively as he added with a grin, "Each other".
Publisher: Ooooohhhh.
Chris: As Phineas curtailed Ferb's favorite tool, Candace came in and saw them. She said they were soooo busted. Little did she know, "busted" would soon be the status of Phineas' nut.
Publisher: Yes! YES! I love it. Keep going. Keep going!
Chris: Fortunately for the step-brother sex mates, Candace would not be narking on them, for during this time, Doofenshmirtz was polishing off his newest device, he called "The Abstinence-Inator".
Publisher: Ooh, I see where this story is going and I LOVE IT!


  • Principal Shepherd has a history of sexually harassing his female students by rubbing their shoulders, while they do the morning announcements.
  • Peter mistakes Chris' name for 'Keith' while Lois mistakes Meg's for 'Mary'.
  • The Griffins are stealing Joe's wi-fi, by using his guest server, "Joe Swanson Guest".
    • This is the second episode, where it was mentioned that The Griffins are stealing Joe's wi-fi. The first time was in "This Little Piggy".
  • Stewie's Instagram is @screwy_stewie_number_twoie.
  • Doug's Instagram is @DigDug.

Cultural References[]

  • Principal Shepherd owns an Alexa that doesn't work at all.
  • Stewie watches an opera where Bugs Bunny makes the tenor hold a note for a long time is a reference to the Looney Tunes episode, "What's Opera Doc?".
  • Narren's Books is named for storyboard artist Michael Narren.
  • When attempting to speak French, Chris mentions actor Gérard Depardieu.
  • After getting locked in the basement, Meg shouts "Allahu Akbar!" (الله أكبر / God is Great!), often associated with Muslims who shout it while engaged in Jihad.

Deleted Scenes[]

  • Peter and Lois watch Suits and get distracted by their iPads.
  • Brian going to a pet store because of a commercial of a dog wearing shiny coat.
  • Peter texts Principal Shepherd about ferrets and trampoline beds.
  • Cutaway gag to Stewie at The Salem Witch Trials.
  • Peter getting in trouble for drawing a penis on Principal Shepherd's car. During which, he talks about how much penises and vaginas he's seen in his life.
  • Lois, Meg, and Chris get into an argument, which ends with Peter getting hurt.
  • Stewie calls Brian to the stand to ask him dumb celebrity questions. Later, Brian's lawyer gets hurt.
  • Joe catfishes Peter, only to get catfished by Chris.
  • Stewie walks in and out of the courtroom, making Brian happy to see him.
  • Second joke where Peter was a penis drawer, who talks about the penises and vaginas he's seen.