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Monsanto Equals Murder is a song sung by Meg Griffin and Ruth Rutherford in the episode "The Finer Strings".


Meg: One, two, three and to the four.
Meg Meggie Meg and Dr. Ruth is at the door.
Got a rhythmic message here, to lay down on the floor.
Ruth: Yeah, you know we 'bout to wake you up.
Meg: Lettin' the sheeple out there know, that when they eat a tomato,
They're eating shit that's been all blowed up by a thing called GMO.
Ruth: Ain't nuthin' but a GMO.
Meg: GMO!
Ruth: GMO is gunna kill ya.
Meg: OMG!
Ruth: This company be puttin' poison toxins in the genes,
Of dairy, rice, zucchini, and even lima beans.
There's only one guy to blame for the GMO,
Both: That hack, John Queeny. He's the founder of Monsanto!
Ruth (Speaking): Wake up people! Monsanto is poisoning the world with Frankenfoods, and we all eat it on a regular basis! This GMO food is cancerous and people are dying as a result!
Meg (Speaking): Statistically, there's been over 60,000 GMO-related deaths in America, during the past year, alone, and we're just sitting by and letting it happen!
Ruth (Speaking): The main source of these problems is a company called Monsanto, which manufactures this edible death every singe day!
Meg (Speaking): Let it be known that Monsanto equals murder!
Ruth (Speaking): Monsanto equals murder!
Both (Speaking): Monsanto equals murder!
Monsanto equals murder!
Monsanto equals murder!

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