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Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is a long-running children's television series created and hosted by television host Fred Rogers. This PBS series, which aired first-run episodes from 1968-2001, featured Rogers explaining life concepts and how things work in a loving, gentle manner. Some of these lessons were reinforced in a segment called the "Neighborhood of Make-Believe," a land where puppets and members of Rogers' adult cast interacted.

In the beginning, Mr. Rogers sings "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" and greets the viewers that he is glad we're together again, before he hears our friend trolley. After shooting the residents, Stewie Griffin rides out to the living room on the trolley and tells Rogers that he has taken over the "Neighborhood of Make-Believe". Rogers immediately investigates and discovers, to his horror, that the "Neighborhood" is a war zone, with several characters screaming over their injuries. Rogers begs for his life, but Stewie uses a laser gun to shoot and kill him, only to find he was dreaming and Mr. Rogers has turned the tables on him, before awakening yet again.

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