Mickey McFinnigan is Peter's biological father, which makes him Thelma Griffin's(Peter's mother/deceased) ex-lover/boyfriend. In the episode Peter's Two Dads, Peter's real father, Francis, is fatally crushed and killed by an drunken Peter. When Peter takes him to the hospital, Francis's last words were, "You're a fat stinkin drunk." Sad and hurt, Peter goes to a therapist for help. He remembers as a child when Francis outrageously says that he is not Peter's father. From this exact flashback, Peter searches out for his real father. With the help of his mother, Thelma, Peter finds out that his father's name is Mickey McFinnigan, and he lives in Ireland. Eager for the opportunity, Peter and his dog, Brian, travel to Ireland. When he gets to one of the local bars, he asks the bartender for any information about Mickey. The bartender laughs and recognizes that they aren't from around here. He responds by saying that Mickey is the "town drunk." Peter thinks that this is terrible, but the bartender says that the town drunk is a great man of honor. Moments later, Peter hears the door the door open and see a man walk in. It was Mickey. He makes a bunch of jokes with the audience and walks past Peter and Brian. Peter immediately recognizes Mickey, since he looks and acts just like Peter. After Peter desperately tries to reason with Mickey about him being his father, Mickey ridicules him. Lost, Peter gives up. But he remembers that when Francis called him a drunk, Mickey was also a drunk, so he must be Peter's real father. Peter comes back to the bar and challenges McFinnigan to a drinking battle. After numerous of drinks and gargling words, The two Irishmen pass out. Peter wakes up to find him as the victor of the match. When Mickey has realized Peter has won, he accepts Peter as his own. But Brian reminds Peter of how Francis actually raised Peter as his own, which sends a message to Peter. But as the stubborn Peter is, he ignores Brian's comment and starts to dance with Mickey, which brings us to the end of the information of Mickey McFinnigan, Peter Griffin's biological father.
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