• Opie and Peter and Chris and Foaud and Bob and Brian and Quagmire and Cleveland goes to a place that is rich. Opie drives them to a medical research lab so that they get there and then Opie drives in the gate. At the medical Lot Opie and Peter and Foaud goes inside and then they find the security guards and then Opie kills them. Opie has more security guards exiting and then Opie kills them and then he goes inside.
  • In the building Opie follows a security employee named Richie (Eric Frank) and then he finds Bob Powell and Jack Ferara up to the stairway. Opie investigates the stairway and forgets how it works and then he goes to the upper level. On the upper level Opie buys the computer information and then breaks the computer and then leaves. Opie has security guards and kills them to escape.


Opie as Julian Glover Peter Griffin as Seth MacFarlane Foaud as Seth Rogen Chris Griffin as Seth Green Brian Griffin an Seth MacFarlane Glenn Quagmire as Seth MacFarlane Cleveland Brown as Mike Henry Bob Powell as Jason Jones Jack Ferrara as Frank Grillo Richie as Eric Frank

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