Me and Jesus
Me and Jesus is a song sung by Peter Griffin and Jesus Christ in the episode "I Dream of Jesus".


Peter: Me and Jesus.
Come and hug and squeeze us,
Cuz you know that he's a simply Christ-errific dude.
His eyes are bluish,
Bright and I love you-ish,
And he's also Jewish,
But he's not the least bit rude.
Jesus: Peter my boy,
Peter (Speaking): Yes?
Jesus: You're sweet as chocolate cake.
Peter: You bring me joy,
And so I won't forsake you,
Like the gays do.
Me and Jesus.
Both: What a happy pair.
Together we're hotter,
Than walking on water.
We walk on air.
Peter (Speaking): You're a real pal, Jesus.
Jesus (Speaking): Well I'll tell you this Peter. You ain't never had a friend like me.
Peter: Me and Jesus.
Jesus: Those are words that please us.
Peter: Cuz we're close as Beezus and Ramona Quimby are.
Jesus: My life is sweeter,
With my new friend Peter.
Peter: You're a lotus eater,
Now that you're a superstar.
Jesus: It used to be,
I always took the brunt,
Peter: But now you're free,
And Bush is bombing count ...
... ries.
Jesus: Cuz I like it.
Peter: Me and Jesus.
Both: Friends until we die.
Jesus (Speaking): Again?
Both: Together forever and ever,
We never will say goodbye.

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