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Mailbox Madness is a Family Guy Pixar short that aired at the end of the episode "Baby Stewie".


Cleveland delivers mail when he comes across five mailboxes with doors that just won't stay closed.


Cleveland goes around Quahog, happily delivering mail to all the mailboxes in the neighborhood. He comes across a row of five mailboxes and delivers the mail but when he leaves, one of the doors falls open. Cleveland goes back to close it only for another door to open. Cleveland closes that one and the other mailbox opens again. Cleveland drives himself crazy, trying to close the mailboxes and then finally closes them both at the same time, only for a third mailbox to open. Before you know it, all five of the mailboxes are opening and closing all willy nilly and Cleveland is doing gymnastics, just trying to keep them all closed. Finally, he closes all five of them and holds them shut. Then, his phone rings and slowly but surely, he gets off and all the mailboxes stay shut. When he looks at his phone, it's a text from Donna, saying that his mom died. Cleveland frowns in sadness and then all five of the mailboxes open again and all the mail falls out.


Major Roles

Minor Roles


  • Cleveland receives a text from Donna, saying that his mother, Evelyn Brown, has died, although this is unclear, whether this is canon or if it is only a gag in the short.
  • The entire Griffin Family is completely absent for the entirety of this short.

Cultural References

  • One of the addresses on a mailbox was A113, which is a reference to how that sequence of letters and numbers is always hidden in every Pixar production.
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