Family Guy Fanon Wiki

Main Characters

  • Ashley

Ashley is a smart and talented Princess who is best friends with Amber. Ashley's goal in life is to be the Queen of Yourina Town.

  • Amber

Amber is a confident, but sassy girl who tries to be a princess like Ashley, but isn't good at trying. Amber does everything she can to date Daniel (A guy she has a crush on).

  • Bob

Bob is a smart and entertaining Prince who strives for accuracy, and is Ashley's crush since the 3rd grade. Bob likes to play Football and he likes Pop-Art.

  • David

David is a sneaky and mean dude who is best friends with Bob, and has a crush on Ashley. David is also Amber's sister.

Recurring Characters

  • Zane

Zane is a smart and geekish Prince who likes to design video games and other objects. Zane likes to paint and draw. Zane is Ashley's brother.

  • Francine

Francine is a talented and confident Queen who gets into her kids life at Yourina High. Francine is also Ashley and Zane's Mother.

  • Mrs. Wishman

Mrs. Wishman is the Principal of Yourina High. Mrs. Wishman is very nice to everyone at her school and tries to make them feel welcomed.

  • Mr. Wishman

Mr. Wishman is a lazy passé husband of Mrs. Wishman. Mrs. Wishman does everything for him that would make him happy.

Guest Stars

Denyse Tontz as Holly Pinewood. (minor guest star)

Ty Burrell as Ben Oswald. (appeared in 2 episodes)

Tina Fey as Mrs. Rock. (appeared in 3 episodes)

Kristoff L. Grant as Trent William. (Upcoming guest star)