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The Magic Clam (born June 14th, 1560) is a magical talking oyster that lived at the bottom of the sea, during the 1620's. It is known for saving the life of Miles Chatterbox Musket and bringing him to the shores of Rhode Island, where they both constructed the town of Quahog together. He appeared in "Fifteen Minutes of Shame", but he's been acknowledged occasionaly throughout the series.


In "Fifteen Minutes of Shame", the story of The Magic Clam and Miles Chatterbox Musket was retold by Mayor Adam West. The story goes as follows: The Magic Clam saved Miles "Chatterbox" Musket from drowning. They became friends but after less than a year of living with Miles, the Magic Clam grew to be annoyed and even frightened by Miles. Miles annoyed him too much. Miles was going to kill him in bed but the clam saw him, prompting him to leave the shores of Quahog, for his own safety and sanity. In the morning he left Miles, and was never seen again. The story has endured in Quahog mythology, and there is an annual ceremony each year where the mayor of Quahog hails the return of the clam, but it's unknown and unlikely if his return will ever happen.

In "Peter's Progress", Madame Claude tried to sell the conspiracy that there was no such story as the tale of Miles Musket and The Magic Clam and that the real founder of Quahog was Peter Griffin's great ancestor, Griffin Peterson, but this was later debunked as another crazy wiccan fairy tale.


  • In the year 1620, he was 60 years old and before leaving, he claimed to only have about three or four hundred more years ahead of him. A clam's lifespan is around 500 years, so at this day in age, he would be in his 400's, which is sort of the equivalent of a man in his 80's. He is expected to die around the 2100's.
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