Luke Dillonhall
Luke Dillonhall
Full name

Lucas Dillonhall






Unnamed Mother

Lucas "Luke" Dillonhall was Meg's jailbird boyfriend in "Dial Meg for Murder". He was arrested for robbing a convenience store, stealing medicine for his sick mother and was sentenced to three years in prison. Meg saw this as unjust and hid him from the cops, after he later escaped.


In "Dial Meg for Murder", Meg started dating a boy, who loved her. However, it'd soon come to light that he was a repetitive shoplifter, who stole medicine from convenience stores. When Brian found out about this, he snitched on him to the police, getting him sent to court, and making Meg extremely pissed off at him. Luke's justification was that his family couldn't afford the medicine to aid his deathly-diseased mother. He was still found guilty and sentenced to three years in solitary confinement. Meg was in tears, when she had to be apart from him for so long, and she'd begun to hate Brian for telling on Luke. Brian felt in the wrong for doing what he did, but what then trapped between a rock and a hard place, when Luke had apparently slipped out of prison during a riot and he discovered him hiding out in Meg's room. He got caught in an ethical dilemma, trying to find out whether he should do what's legally correct, or spare Meg's feelings and love life. He didn't have much time to make this decision, before Peter happened to strutz on into the room, discover Luke, and snitch on the police, himself. In the process of arresting Luke again, Joe also placed Meg under arrest for "harboring an escaped convict". Luke's prison sentence was extended to an entire decade, while Meg's was significantly shorter, being only three months long, but after these events, that was pretty much the end for her relationship with Luke.

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