The Lesbian is an unnamed butch lesbian, who dated Lois in the episode "Connie's Celicia".


In "Connie's Celicia", Connie bullied Lois by putting a pro-LGBT bumper sticker on her car. When Lois was dropping Stewie off at school, Bonnie and Donna noticed this and teased her about it. Lois tried to explain to them that this wasn't her doing. Just then, a lesbian just so happened to be walking by, as she heard this and took offense to Lois' rudeness. The lesbian pumped Lois for information and Lois nervously told her that she wasn't against the LGBT community. The lesbian assumed this meant that she wanted to go out with her. Not wanting to sound homophobic, Lois agreed.

The two went out to Red Lobster and the lesbian ripped and tore into a lobster as she told Lois about how she was a blacksmith, who made axes and asked if she wanted to buy an ax. Cleveland and Donna just so happened to be at the same restaurant and they judged Lois for cheating on Peter, telling her that they won't say anything to her husband but they highly recommend that "[her] next date should be with Christ."

The lesbian then took Lois back to her place and fisted her.

Later, when Lois was in prison, the lesbian paid her a visit.


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