Larry & Steve
Season 1, Episode 0b
Larry & Steve
Air date February 5, 1997
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Larry & Steve would have been a show on Cartoon Network, created by Seth MacFarlane, if not for him majorly revamping the show and turning it into what we now know as Family Guy. The series focuses on an oafish old man named Larry and his sophisticated pet dog, Steve, who only he can understand. The pilot of the show aired on Cartoon Network's What a Cartoon! programming block on February 5, 1997, and garnered enough ratings to become a series, but due to Seth having a change of heart, he never followed through with making the show, as he wanted to make a show targeted toward adults, rather than kids.

Similarities to Family Guy

  • Larry has the same voice and archetype as Peter Griffin.
  • Steve has the same voice and archetype as Brian Griffin.
  • The concept of Larry being the only one who can understand Steve is similar to the theme of Stewie Griffin not being understood by many characters of the show, with the exception of a select few number of characters, namely Brian.
  • Larry suggested that he and Steve went shopping at a store called "Stewie's".
  • Chloe, the store owner bared mild resemblance to Lois Griffin.
  • Chloe has the voice of Diane Simmons.
  • The airplane pilot had the same voice, job, and a similar head shape to Glenn Quagmire.
  • The pilot's son, Ricky looked similar to Patty Tanniger.
  • Ricky also has the same voice as Jake Tucker.
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