Lance Prueher
Lance Prueher (pronounced "Prow-er") is the boss of the Suicide Hotline. He was Brian's boss, during the time he worked there.


Lance made his first appearance in the episode "Workin' for the Man", when Brian first got a job at the Suicide Hotline. Lance showed Brian to his seat.

In "Petey IV", Lance introduced Martha to Brian, as she became his across-the-street worker. Later, Brian framed Martha for smoking weed and Lance believed the lie and told the cops, getting Martha arrested.

In "Break a Leg", Lance gave Brian time off from work, while his leg was broken and had a monkey take over for his shift.

In "Brian Come Home for Christmas", Lance made his final appearance in the series, via cutaway gag. Brian said that he quit his job at the Suicide Hotline and thought that the company would have held up just fine without him. However, the cutaway showed that the Suicide Hotline went down under without Brian working there. A worker received a single phone call and when he answered it, Lance told him that he was retiring from his job as boss. The screen then showed a very depressed Lance hanging up the phone and jumping off of the building, as his career was now over. This led to the death and final appearance of Lance Prueher in the series.

Episode Appearances

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