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Justin Trudeau is the prime minister of Canada. He is also a whiny, liberal cuck. He appeared in "Trump Guy".


In "Trump Guy", Peter Griffin and Donald Trump were in a chicken fight and they fell off the Washington Monument, and they landed on a giant Canadian cushion. The cushion was placed there by Justin Trudeau. When Justin Trudeau showed up, a bunch of swooning fangirls were crowding around him. Peter Griffin mistook him for Justin Bieber. Justin Trudeau told Peter and Trump that he was kayaking by, and the heard the news and he saved their lives. It's just what you do, for the good of hupersonity. Melania Trump came up to him and yelled at him for saving her husband's life, and Justin started crying like a little bitch, telling her that he was sorry for what he did. After that, Peter and Trump stopped fighting and became friends. Then, Justin told them that he'd be going back to Canada to grant citizenship to some members of ISIS. He assured them that ISIS wasn't harmless, and he took off, riding on his Canadian geese, and just then, he was bombed by a missile, fired by ISIS.

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