Juanita Martinez is a hot Latina nurse, who works at the Hospital. Dr. Hartman has a crush on her. She first appeared in "Saturated Fat Guy". She is voiced by Cherry Chevapravatdumrong.


In "Saturated Fat Guy", Juanita walked in, when Dr. Hartman was checking on the brutally injured Chris Griffin. Dr. Hartman got nervous when he saw her come in and referred to her as the "Big Boomba Boomba Nurse". Dr. Hartman awkwardly said hello to her with an emasculating voice crack. Juanita just checked Chris' records, said hi back to Dr. Hartman and left. Dr. Hartman asked Chris if he made himself look retarded in front of her and Chris honestly told him that he kind of did. Dr. Hartman dismissed this and thought he did just fine. Juanita later came in to tell Chris that although he was horrible disfigured, he would soon recover but said that Meg's mutilated face would take a lot longer. Meg told her that her face wasn't mutilated and Juanita looked at her disgusted and said, "Really? Jeez." and then left, apparently mistaking Meg's ugly face for being mutilated.

Episode Appearances

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