Joyce Kinney
Joyce Kinney
Joyce Kinney
Full name

Joyce Kinney




News Anchor


Joy Kinney (twin sister)

Voiced by

Christine Lakin

Joyce Kinney is a news reporter on Channel 5 News, who replaced Diane Simmons as the female anchorwoman after her death in "And Then There Were Fewer". She debuted an episode later, in "Excellence in Broadcasting".


Joyce Kinney made her debut in the episode "Excellence in Broadcasting", where she was hired as the replacement for Diane Simmons, after the latter was mysteriously killed in the previous episode. Right out of the gate, Tom Tucker gave her a lot of flak, telling her that she sounded nervous and making her first news report the topic of a drunk driver, crashing through a playground and killing a bunch of kids. Joyce fought back against Tom, letting him know that unlike him, she went to Harvard. When Tom announced that Rush Limbaugh would be signing books at the library, Joyce told him that maybe he could go there, not to get his book signed, but so he could improve his literacy. This began the spicy love-hate relationship between Joyce Kinney and Tom Tucker.

In "Friends of Peter G", Joyce was one of the people who attended Peter's A.A meetings.

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