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Joyce Kinney
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Joyce Kinney
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Joyce Kinney




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Joy Kinney (twin sister)

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Christine Lakin

Joyce Kinney is a news reporter on Channel 5 News, who replaced Diane Simmons as the female anchorwoman after her death in "And Then There Were Fewer". She debuted an episode later, in "Excellence in Broadcasting".


Joyce Kinney made her debut in the episode "Excellence in Broadcasting", where she was hired as the replacement for Diane Simmons, after the latter was mysteriously killed in the previous episode. Right out of the gate, Tom Tucker gave her a lot of flak, telling her that she sounded nervous and making her first news report the topic of a drunk driver, crashing through a playground and killing a bunch of kids. Joyce fought back against Tom, letting him know that unlike him, she went to Harvard. When Tom announced that Rush Limbaugh would be signing books at the library, Joyce told him that maybe he could go there, not to get his book signed, but so he could improve his literacy. This began the spicy love-hate relationship between Joyce Kinney and Tom Tucker.

In "Lottery Fever", Joyce Kinney did a news report on the lottery.

In "New Kidney in Town", Joyce Kinney did a news report on a child with cancer, who wanted to grow up to be a baseball player. She was very pessimistic about this kid's dreams and assumed he would never live to see his adulthood because when it comes to retarded people, you "never see a gray-haired one".

In "Amish Guy", Joyce Kinney did a report on the amish community.

In "Friends of Peter G", Joyce was one of the people who attended Peter's A.A meetings.

In "Thanks But No Thanksgiving", Joyce Kinney did a report on the Thanksgiving parade. She ranted and complained about the fact that the other news stands had awnings to protect them from the rain and when the camera man tried to stop looking at the other news stations, Joyce told them to look back over there, saying that this is the reason why they're third, when it comes to how great all the local news stations are.

In "Peter Gets Served", Joyce Kinney was seen on TV in the bar but we didn't actually hear her.


Joyce Kinney is an adult Caucasian woman with short blonde hair. She wears a dark grayed buttoned up jacket and matching skirt, a lighter gray undershirt, black high heels, very light blue pearl earrings, and red lipstick.


Joyce Kinney is a very mature and sophisticated woman. As a Harvard graduate, Joyce is very well-educated but unfortunately for her, her intelligence is wasted on a very undesirable career as an anchorwoman for the low-budget and unreliable Quahog 5 News, where she gets disrespected and looked down upon by her superiors and co-workers. Nevertheless, Joyce still makes a point of putting in her best effort and outshining the rest of her crew.

Although she may seem like a generally polite person, secretly, Joyce is a complete bitch who enjoys watching others suffer. In "And I'm Joyce Kinney", we learn that as a teenager, Joyce was the alpha-bitch of her high school, where she bullied Lois vehemently. Most notably, she tricked her into stripping down to her underwear and choking on a sausage in front of the entire gymnasium, bringing the latter to tears, while the former laughed maniacally. Even as an adult, Joyce was still a bitch to Lois, exposing her regrettable history in pornography to everyone at her church, defaming her in front of everyone she knew.

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