Joan of Arc
Family Guy Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
Full name

Jeanne D'arc


19 (deceased)




Isabelle D'arc (mother)
Jacques D'arc (father)
Jean D'arc (brother)
Pierre D'arc (brother)
Catherine D'arc (sister)
Jacquemin D'arc (brother)

Jeanne D'arc, (better known as Joan of Arc) is a French revolutionist, who was the first female to lead the French people to war. She also heard voices from God, Jesus, The Conductor Bear, and his angels in her head, probably because she was a schizoid. Eventually, she got herself burned at the stake. She was officially deemed the best person ever, posthumously. Now she's one of the greatest women who ever lived in history.


In "Da Boom", Joan of Arc was listed in the memorial as one of the people, who was lost over the 2nd millennium.

In "No Meals On Wheels", Peter and Lois watched a Maude episode, with an extended theme song. This included the lyric, regarding Joan of Arc, from the original theme song.

In "Mr. and Mrs. Stewie", Stewie noticed that Penelope was nothing but trouble, like Joan of Arc. A cutaway of Joan of Arc, featured her joining the French revolutionists, and acting like an annoying tomboy, rambling about stereotypical dude stuff, resulting in her getting burned at the stake.

In "Stewie, Chris, and Brian's Excellent Adventure", Joan of Arc was one of the people Stewie and Brian took Chris to see.

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