Full name



15 (105 in dog years)


House Pet

Voiced by

Mike Henry

Jesse is Herbert the Pervert's pet dog. He is a creepy, withered old dog, who is paralyzed from the waist down. Jesse appears to also be a pedophile, who is sexually attracted to puppies, especially Brian. He is always on the same page as Herbert, as he goes "Mmmm", when Herbert does, but he's also shown some attraction to humans, such as Chris every now and then. Since he sounds just like him, he's also voiced by Mike Henry.


In "Neighbor Pains", Jesse and Herbert first move into Spooner Street. While Lois and a few other neighbors felt uncomfortable with someone like Herbert moving in, Joe was just happy about there being another paraplegic, by which he meant Jesse. One gag in the episode, involved Jesse panting and scooting toward a cardboard box of free puppies, left on the side of the road.

In "Pubic Indecency", Herbert told Jesse about Chris going through puberty and said how hot he thought it was. Jesse "Mmmm"ed with him and they both enjoyed the sexy thought of adolescent Chris.

In "The Sandloss", Chris and his friends kicked a soccer ball into Herbert's yard and it was found by Jesse. Jesse gave the soccer ball to Herbert and Herbert took it into the house. Chris tried sneaking into Herbert's house to take the ball back, without him knowing, but he was afraid to wake Jesse, kind of like he was an angry dog. Only here, he was more of a pervy dog. Chris got the idea to use an non-consensual Brian as bait, to distract Jesse, and this worked, getting Jesse to rub up all over Brian.

In "And the Wiener Is ...", While Herbert admired Chris' wiener, Jesse admired a young looking wiener dog.

In "The Courtship of Stewie's Father", a baseball, thrown by Chris, went through Herbert's window and Herbery and Jesse "Mmmm"ed in pleasure over this.

In "Whistle While Your Wife Works", Peter blew his fingers off with a batch of fireworks and one of them landed in Herbert's yard. Jesse spotted the finger and went over to eat it. Joe needed to get the finger before Jesse did, but he lost his wheelchair, so he had to crawl, the same was Jesse did. The two competed in a slow race to the finger, but by the time they were both right there, a bird swooped in and took the finger from both of them.

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