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Jerome Cool J
Jerome Cool J
Full name

Jerome Cool J


42 (Baby Got Black)




Jemima Cool J (mother)
Pam Cool Jay (daughter)
Lacrose Cool J (brother)
Mammy Blackmar (great grandmother)
Mandawuy Djarrtjuntjun (cousin)
Unnamed Highschool Sweetheart (partner; deceased)
Unnamed Daughter (bastard child; deceased)

Voiced by

Kevin Michael Richardson

Jerome Cool James "J" is a big tough black guy, who works as the bartender of The Drunken Clam, following the death of former bartender, Horace. He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


Young Jerome.png

In college, Jerome was involved with Lois Pewterschmidt, now married to Peter Griffin, in an intimate relationship over 20 years before the character's debut episode "Jerome is the New Black" took place. During his young adulthood, he also starred in commercials for Muffican Jam, which became somewhat of a household icon. His voice especially is what made him such a famous and iconic commercial actor and the unforgettable spokesperson for Muffican Jam.

In "Jerome is the New Black", Peter accidentally burned down Jerome's house, so Lois invited him to come live with them. Peter believed that Jerome was trying to steal Lois from him and became jealous. He kicked Jerome out of his house, but later apologized to him, and they remained friends. Jerome also tells Peter that he had some nasty ass sex with Meg when he was staying with the Griffins although Peter told him that he doesn't care about that.

Jerome returns in "Save the Clam" playing for Mort Goldman's softball team against Peter and his team. He accidentally kills Horace after a ball Jerome hits strikes him in the face. He appears at the funeral, where he states he apologizes for killing Horace. He later takes over owning Horace's bar The Drunken Clam with his sports earnings from lacrosse, which also happens to be his brother's name.

As soon as the very next episode, "Peter Gets Served", the changes Jerome made to The Drunken Clam become immediately prevalent, with Jerome making the bar a lot more "black". He installed a disco dancing zone, complete with a disco ball and a dance floor, added a bunch of black songs to the jukebox playlist, hung up a bunch of pictures of "brothers" on the wall, and attracted a whole slew of new (mostly black) customers. He also planned on renaming the bar "The Black Bar", which Peter did not approve of. Peter said to him "I'll show you a black bar." as he pulled down his pants and showed him his ass, which was censored by a black censored bar.

In "Finders Keepers", Jerome was one of the many Quahogians, looking for the treasure.

In "Business Guy", Jerome joins Peter's new business at Pewterschmidt Industries.

In "Baby Got Black", we learn about Jerome's family. Jerome is a single father with a daughter named Pam. Chris started dating Pam, which Jerome did not approve of, as he didn't want his daughter to date a white boy. Despite Peter trying to change his mind and Lois reminding him that he went out with her (a white woman) in the past, Jerome never changed his ways, forcing Chris and Pam to break up.

In "Run, Chris, Run", Jerome became friends with Cleveland for the sole reason that he was black. The two had nothing else in common and Cleveland actually kind of hated Jerome. They stopped being friends in the end because Cleveland just could not deal with him anymore. Despite this, Cleveland still remained an indirect friendly acquaintance with him, since he was a member of The Beer Bar Buddies and the other Beer Bar Buddies were sort of friends with Jerome.

Jerome faces having to close the Drunken Clam for up to a month after his great grandmother, Mammy Blackmar suffers a stroke in "The Woof of Wall Street" and needs to travel to Long Island to be with her. Peter and the guys volunteer to run the place while he's away, but a bull that Peter brings into the bar wrecks the place and destroys a painting of his mother on the wall, which was the only remaining image of his Mammy in existence. When she passes away, the guys try to construct dummies of themselves for Jerome to beat up on his return, but Peter ends up inside the bar while his dummy is safe outside.

In "Follow the Money", Jerome is one of the characters to obtain the misprinted dollar.


Jerome is an African-American adult man with big muscles and a big black puffy afro and a goatee. He wears a red shirt, gray pants, and dark brown shoes.


Jerome is a big and strong, yet quiet and calm black guy, is a complete bad ass, who's tough-as-nails. However he's mostly a very quiet and chill dude, who doesn't express too many strong emotions, if any emotions at all. He never really needs to resort to fighting because he's so intimidating, he makes white guys tremble in fear with a single glance. However, if you piss him off, he will kick your ass and beat you black and blue.

Although Jerome doesn't show it much, he is a bit of a misogynist and a lot of a pervert. He has a history of sleeping with multiple women, many of which are far younger than him or already married. Unlike, say, Quagmire, however, Jerome is a quiet man, who doesn't go around bragging about his obscure sexual exploits. He hires a waitress named Denise at his bar, mostly so that he and other guys could sexually harass her and in his debut episode, he admitted to sleeping with Meg. In "Finders Keepers", Jerome with with a woman named Treasure, who was only in that one episode and who he treated like a servant.

What makes Jerome's sexual exploits even worse is that he's the single father of a teenage girl named Pam, as seen in "Baby Got Black". It is unknown what happened to Pam's mother or even who she was.

Jerome isn't all bad, though. He is a nice guy, who will still do nice things for people. For instance: In "Save the Clam", Jerome felt bad about killing Horace and made up for it by buying his bar and taking over so it wouldn't get shut down, even if he did completely revamp and ruin it in the next episode.

Jerome has expressed low-key racism and blunt bigotry. In "Run, Chris, Run", Jerome befriended Cleveland and admitted that the only reason he liked him was because he was black, saying that he was boring as fuck in actuality, and wouldn't pay him any mind if he was any other race. In "Follow the Money", Jerome made antisemitic comments toward Neil, hoping that if he gave him monkey he would get his "Jew ass" out of his bar.



  • Peter Griffin - Jerome first became friends with Peter in "Jerome is the New Black". Although they were good friends at first, Peter quickly started to hate Jerome, when he found out he was Lois' ex-boyfriend from college. Peter throw a molotov cocktail into his house and burned it down, leading to Jerome living in his house. Peter eventually drove Jerome out of the house with his blatant racism and then later came back to apologize. Jerome said that he was sorry about making Peter uncomfortable by being Lois' ex-boyfriend but Peter said that it didn't matter anymore and they became friends again. Peter also admitted that he burned down Jerome's house but Jerome said that he couldn't in all honesty be mad at him for that because while he was living him, he analraped Meg in her sleep. Peter flatly said he didn't care about that. In "Save the Clam", Jerome came back at the new bartender of The Drunken Clam, after he killed Horace, so that he could keep it open for Peter and his friends, which they thunk him for. However, they did not appreciate of all the black stuff he did with the bar in "Peter Gets Served".
  • Glenn Quagmire - Quagmire likes Jerome because when he took over the bar in "Save the Clam", he introduced a waitress who he was allowed to sexually harass in "Peter Gets Served".
  • Cleveland Brown - Jerome was initially meant to be a replacement for Cleveland, after he left Quahog for The Cleveland Show, so he didn't know him for the longest time, until Cleveland's triumphant return in "He's Bla-ack!", where he met him for the first time. In "Run, Chris, Run", Jerome became better friends with Cleveland and they did black stuff together, like to go The Museum of Black History. Jerome later admitted that he only hung out with Cleveland because he was black and stated that he secretly thought he was so boring that he wouldn't even give him the time of day if he was white. Cleveland was offended by Jerome's racism and broke up with him.
  • Joe Swanson -
  • Lois Griffin -
  • Chris Griffin -


Episode Appearances


  • In "Baby Got Black", it was revealed that Jerome is 42.
    • In "Underage Peter", the drinking age was raised to 50. However, Jerome was still allowed to work as a bartender and serve alcohol to customers.
  • In "Dr. C and the Women", Jerome had an aboriginal cousin from Australia, named Mandawuy Djarrtjuntjun, meaning that somewhere in the Blackmar family tree, there's a link to aboriginal culture.
  • In "Follow the Money", Jerome reveals that he lost both his childhood sweetheart and their daughter shortly after their wedding.