Jeffrey Eating Popcorn
Jeffrey is the boyfriend of Bruce. He first appeared in "Peter the Cheater", where he and Bruce first met. He expresses similar mannerisms to Bruce and usually follows Bruce's catchphrase "Oh no!", with his own catchphrase, "I know!", which he says in the same tone. Like his partner, Jeffrey is voiced by Mike Henry.


In "Peter the Cheater", Bruce and Jeffrey first meet and start dating.

In "Mo' Jobs", Bruce helps Peter look for a job, by showing off his many jobs. Jeffrey is there to assist him with it.

In "Meg the Movie Star", Jeffrey is Bruce's assistant movie director, in the movie being made about Meg.

In "Boys Do Cry", Jeffret and Bruce watch in shock, when they see the news about Stewie Griffin being The Anti-Christ.

In "The Juice is Loose", Jeffrey and Bruce were in the angry mob, set out to kill O.J. Simpson.

In "You May Now Kiss the Uh ... Guy Who Receives", Bruce and Jeffrey assisted Brian in getting Mayor Adam West to overturn his ban on gay marriage, specifically because they wanted to get married. However, Jeffrey was still afraid to come out to his parents at this time, so even if gay marriage was legal in Quahog, it's not like they would have gotten married anyway.

In "McStroke", Jeffrey's voice was heard saying "I know!" offscreen, in response to Bruce's "Oh no!".

In "No Chris Left Behind", Bruce drones on about him in dialogue, talking about how great their date was last night, when he was supposed to be acting serious at the board of representatives in their super meeting at James Woods Regional High School.

In "Breadlosers", Bruce helped Chris find a job, just like he did with Peter in the last episode. He even made a callback to it. Jeffrey was in this episode too.

In "FOX-y Lady", Jeffrey's voice was heard.

In "Lois Kills Stewie", Jeffrey's voice was heard.

In "Underage Peter", Jeffrey and Bruce protested outside of Mayor West's mansion, for him to drop the legal drinking age back down to 21 again. Bruce admitted to Jeffrey that when he told him his age as 39 in "Peter the Cheater", he was lying, as his true age is 52. Jeffrey was shocked and disappointed by this.

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