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Jake Tucker
Jake Tucker



Tom Tucker (father)
Stacy Tucker (step-mother)

Jacob "Jake" Tucker is Tom Tucker’s son. He has a strange birth defect, causing his face to be upside down. He attended Buddy Cianci Junior High School in middle school and now goes to James Woods Regional High School. He is friends with Chris, Neil, and Cleveland Junior.


In "Brian Griffin: Portrait of a Dog", it was revealed that Tom Tucker had a son with an upside down face and this son was none other than Jake Tucker, who, here, made his big debut. Tom Tucker takes him to a medical doctor to get his weird medical face checked out and Jake does nothing but moans and whines the entire time. Tom just cries and tries to deny how weird it is his son has an upside down face.

In "Brian in Love", Jake bothers Tom while he's trying to do the news report and Tom lets it slip that Stacy isn't even Jake's biological mother, making Jake cry like a little baby.

In "The King is Dead", Jake was one of the people in the scouts with Chris. Jake snitched on Chris, when he saw him drawing, when he was supposed to be obeying orders and Chris punched him in the stomach for snitching, making Jake shout "Ow, my back!". Jake was later seen in the audience during the play for "The King and I".


Jake Tucker is a short little white boy with blond hair and an upside down face with three freckles on each cheek. He wears a blue shirt, dark blue pants, and gray shoes.


Jake Tucker is an always-rambunctious troublemaker, who's always whining and complaining about everything. He is an over priveledged, spoiled brat who gets whatever he wants and still mopes and gripes that he doesn't have everything. Ironically, his upside down face is the least of his concerns as it doesn't bother him at all.

Episode Appearances


  • Stacy Tucker is not Jake's biological mother.
  • In "The Boys in the Band", it was revealed that similar to how his face is upside down, his penis is on the back of his waist while his butt is on the front.