It's a Wonderful Day for Pie
It's a Wonderful Day for Pie is a song sung by the Disney versions of the Family Guy characters in "Road to the Multiverse".


Peter: It's a wonderful day for pie.
You can ask all the birds in the sky
And they'll tell you real sweet, with a musical tweet
Quagmire: It's a wonderful day for pie!
Meg/Chris: For Pie.
Quagmire: For Pie.
Lois: For Pie.
Joe: For Pie.
Joe (Speaking): Hey, Lois, making pie, huh?
Lois (Speaking): What else? want some, Joe?
Joe (Speaking): Of course. What's some pie, without a cup of Joe?
Lois (Speaking): Oh, Joe.
Peter (Speaking): Joe, you're a hoot. Let's invite you, and some more folks to the party. How 'bout it, Lois?
Lois (Speaking): Sure. The more, the merrier.
Peter (Speaking): Hey, kids! Come on in, your mom's making pie.
Chris (Speaking): Oh, boy! Pie!
Meg (Speaking): Ow, my tentacle!
Chris (Speaking): Ow, my testicle!
Peter (Speaking): Hey, hey. Stop the rough housing, or you won't get any pie.
Chris (Speaking): Oh. Sorry, Meg.
Meg (Speaking): It's fine, Chris. I'm sorry too.
Peter (Speaking): Ah, there we go. Instant resolution to a short-lived, minor conflict. Hey, Quagmire, Lois is making pie. Want some?
Quagmire (Speaking): You bet! I'd love to eat Lois' pie. Giggity!
Stewie (Speaking): This is wonderful, Brian! This place is perfect bliss. Oh, let's live in this universe.
Brian (Speaking): Gosh, it's pretty intoxicating, isn't it? Well, why not?
Stewie (Speaking): I want to hear more music about pie!
Peter: It's a wonderful day for pie
Cleveland: and it smells a lot better than I.
Joe (Speaking): [laughs]
Adam West: Everyone in the house
and this Adam West mouse
Seamus: Let's invite some deer.
Angela: And I'll bring the beer.
Peter: It's a wonderful day to bring everyone here.
Barbershop Quartet: The bees making honey
Tom Tucker: This Tom Tucker bunny
Elmer: This bear will attend
And he's bringing a friend.
Buzz: The buzz killing hatter
Meg: Let's not bring the latter.
Jesus: That guy from the bible.
Tricia: This Indian tribal.
Bonnie: Some friends, from the sea.
Consuela: And don't forget me.
All: We all sing with glee, 'cause we all agree
It's a wonderful, wonderful day for pie!

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