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Island Adventure is an episode of Family Guy.


Stewie and Brian get stranded on Garbage Island, a mass of discarded garbage, floating around in the middle of the ocean. Meanwhile, Lois helps Quagmire court a middle aged woman.


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When Lois insists that the family clean out the garage, Peter decides to make short work out of it and throw away everything including Stewie's big wheel. When he learns of this from Brian, they go to the dump to recover it, but finds it has blown away into the ocean headed for 'garbage island'; a mass of floating debris. They set sail for there, but after they arrive, Brian's attempt to place a discarded VCR in the boat results in it punching a hole in the bottom, sinking it.

On the island, they discover a bunch of hedonists washed overboard by various party cruises. Stewie figures out a way to power his big wheel using discarded Jimmy Buffett margarita machines, but Brian has decided to stay behind with the booze and the sex. Stewie is momentarily resigned to leaving his friend behind, but rigs up his big wheel with even more power using fans from discarded Dell laptops and tows the entire garbage island back to Quahog.

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Meanwhile, Quagmire's shocked when he strikes out with a middle-aged woman. When she continues to reject his advances, Lois offers to help him. She coaches him through a date by texting him with what he should say, but she becomes furious later when she discovers that he's been turning this to his advantage to date multiple women. When she confronts him, he apologizes, but then tricks her into helping him pronounce the name of a singer to score with yet another woman.

In the ending credits, Peter sits at home with his family, when Thanos uses the infinity gauntlet to erase people. Lois, Meg, and Brian get vanquished from the universe and Peter goes into a panic. However, it's not just his universe that's being effected. It's all of the cartoons across the FOX Animation Domination cinematic universe, vanquishing half the characters from The Simpsons, American Dad!, Futurama, King of the Hill, and Bob's Burgers. In the end, we see Thanos sitting in space, laughing mechanically, as he announces that he'll soon obtain the second infinity gauntlet and erase every cartoon character in the world and the episode just ends all dramatically like that, having no intent of ever following up on that story in any future episodes.


Major Roles

Minor Roles


[People all around Quahog are getting turned to dust]
Quagmire: Oh my God, Peter! Thanos is erasing half the universe!
Peter: Yes and it's only going to get worse. For he is erasing other universes too.
[In The Simpsons, The Simpson Family sits around their kitchen table]
Marge: This is terrible. Half of us are gunna get deleted!
Lisa: The question is, which ones?
[Abe gets vanquished]
Abe: Gaaaah!
Homer: Woo-hoo!
[Bart gets vanquished]
Bart: Ay caramba!
Homer: Woo-hoo! Now, I have all the family members I actually like.
[Homer gets vanquished]
Homer: D'oh!
[In American Dad! Stan and Steve are in the kitchen when Francine, Hayley, and Klaus enter, partially vanished]
Francine: Stan, Thanos has gotten to us!
Stan: Uh-uh. Not on my watch, Thanos! You're not disappearing my wife, magical dust.
Francine: Stan, wait! Don't-
[Stan shoots Francine, Hayley, and Klaus as they disappear; They scream in pain]
Stan: Damn. Thought that would work.
[Roger enters; Stan shoots Roger]
Stan: I know.
[In Futurama, The Planet Express Crew sits around the table]
Professor Farnsworth: Bad news, everyone! Half of us are gunna die. Fortunately, it'll only be the worthless ones.
[Fry, Amy, Hermes, and Scruffy are vanquished]
Fry: What!? I'm the main character! Why am I going?
Zoidberg: Yeah, why not Zoidberg?
[In King of the Hill, Hank, Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer stand by the fence; Bill and Boomhauer dissapear]
Hank: ... Yup.
Dale: Mmm-hmm.
[Peggy enters in a panic]
Peggy: Hank! Thanos has got Bobby and Luanne!
Hank: Dammit, Thanos! Not the damn kids! Couldn't you have at least taken my wife? I'd sacrifice myself in exchange for that!
[In Bob's Burgers, The Belcher Family stands inside of Bob's Burgers; Gene, Louise, and Linda get vanquished]
Tina: Thank God, they're finally gone. So annoying.
Bob: I know. I wish Thanos would just get that other infinity gauntlet and cancel all of us, already.
[The camera zooms out to Thanos in outer space and Bob's Burgers is inside of one of Thanos' infinity stones; Thanos sits upon his intergalactic throne of doom]
Thanos: Oh, I will, Bob. I'll cancel you as well as every animated show on television. Because I am Thanos and I am inevitable! Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!


  • Chris is addicted to snorting spraypaint.
  • It's revealed Stewie's iconic bigwheel, was stolen by Peter from the front lawn of an unknown house, after a rainstorm.
  • Bruce works as a garbage man in this episode.
  • Stewie tries to trigger Brian, by putting too much emphasis on the "H" of the word, "Whirlpool", but it doesn't get a reaction out of him.
  • Peter's real-life actor gets pregnant as of this episode, and goes on a maternity leave, meaning he'll either have only minor roles or complete absences for a few episodes. In this episode, he had a minor role.

Cultural References

  • Thanos getting the mind stone and making Cleveland Brown and Joe Swanson disappear is a reference to the ending credits gag at the end of Infinity War.
  • Peter passes a Kidney Stone Phillips.
  • Lois suggests the show, This is Us as a conversation piece for Quagmire and Monica.
  • Lois says that "April Showers" is the name of a pornstar. Now, I may not be very well-versed in the rich culture of pornography, but as far as I'm concerned, no such pornstar exists.
  • While lost at sea, Stewie and Brian talk about the Disney princess movie, Moana.
  • Peter farts in a bottle and send it to England, because of Russell Brand.
  • Stewie teaches the Garbage Islanders about pop culture relating to The Kardashian Family Tree, The O.J. Simpson Murder Trials, and Saturday Night Live.
  • A dumb woman drops a Luna bar.
  • Quagmire stars in a parody of the 2018 version of It.
  • Stewie attaches Jimmy Buffet margarita machines to his Big Wheel.
  • There's a cutaway about the M.C. Escher staircase painting.
    • A construction worker gets hit on the head by an M.C. Hammer.
  • Quagmire mispronounces Michael Buble as "Mike Bubble".
  • There is also mention of Ray Lamontagne.
  • "Thunder Island" by Jay Ferguson plays.
  • Stewie uses Dell laptops to make fans.
  • Lois gets a funny shirt titled "Guns and Rosé", as a pun on the band Guns & Roses.

Deleted Scenes

  • Pervert Hamlet.
  • Peter passes a Kidney Stone Phillips.
  • Stewie claims to have broken his haimen on his big wheel.
  • Quagmire sending Monica dick pics.
  • A cutaway gag about a deaf kid's parents getting divorced.
  • Stewie working at the in-store Burger King as Target.
  • Lois quizzing Quagmire on yankee candles and pornstars.
  • A waiter freaking out over Quagmire and Monica not paying for the bread.
  • Lois shopping at Target, and not noticing Stewie working at Pizza Hut.