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I Didn't Poop Those Items is a parody on We Didn't Start the Fire, sung by Billy Joel and occasionally, by other characters in the episode "Brian Dates a Bitch".


I Didn't Poop Those Items

Billy Joel: Lots of Legos, rubber bands
Web-shooting Spider-Man
An old pet rock
An antique clock
A tub of red Play-doh
Colored pencils, bag of nickles
Half a jar of Vlasic pickles
Banjo strings, your wedding rings
A single by Cee-Lo
Peter: I didn't poop those items
They were in my tummy 'cause they all looked yummy
Billy Joel: He didn't poop those items
He tried to eat 'em so you shouldn't feed him

Commercial Break

Billy Joel: He ate Stewie, Holy crap!
Family Guy will be right back

We Didn't Write an Ending

Billy Joel: Nancy Reagan, Pre-school Chris
German Shepherd, Young Lois
Dying Rat, Frankenstein
Arthur Valentine
All: We didn't write an ending
So we're all together trying to make it better
Billy Joel: No!
All: We didn't write an ending
The story started well, but then it went to Hell.
Bill Joel: Chris' side-plot wrapped up fine.
He found Arthur Valentine.
But the tale of Brian, the bitch banger
Will forever end on a cliffhanger.
There's no script, or storyboard,
or animation, we got bored.
Not a line of dialogue
for any of the dogs.
All: We didn't write an ending.
It was hard to do it. So, we decided, "screw it".
Billy Joel: They didn't write an ending
But what the heck,
I'll still take the check, the check, the check.
Chris (Speaking): Mom killed a jaywalker.


  • This song is a parody on "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel.