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Andre Robinson

Hudson is a student at Stewie's preschool, who helped Stewie become less like a criminal and more like a good friend. He first appeared in "Pal Stewie".


In "Pal Stewie", Hudson first came in contact with Stewie, when he crashed into him, by accident and broke his drone remote. Stewie got slightly mad at him and Hudson spun him around and played magic stick with him. Stewie somehow managed to start liking him.

In "The Strange Case of Dr. Stewie & Mr. Hudson", Stewie tried for another chance at becoming friends with Hudson, by reversing with alignment with a serum, so he could become good. However, Hudson drank this serum and became evil. He returned to being good at the end of the episode and officially became friends with Stewie.

In "Swindler's List", Hudson expressed concern for Stewie becoming a neo-nazi.

In "Absolutely Babulous", Hudson was a kid in the preschool games.


Hudson is an African-American baby boy with little raven hair, that is shaved to gray around the sides. He has big eyes and large eyebrows and a shiny nose. We wears a teal seafoam green T-shirt with stripes of many kinds, blue shorts, white socks, and gray sneakers.


Hudson is a nice, friendly little boy, with a strong moral compass.

Episode Appearances


  • In "The Movement", it was revealed that he, along with the rest of his family, is part of the Black Lives Matter movement.
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