Howard Hamlin Was a successful Lawyer and businessman Who sucsceed his Father becoming business Partner Of Chuck McGill  at HHM Chuck Convinced his Former Con Artist Brother Jimmy to Live in Alberqurque  and earn an Honest living by Working in HHM,s Mail Room  Hamlin Came to greatly respect Jimmy,s work ethic giving him the Complimentary Nickname  Charlie Hustle When Jimmy attempted to Join the Firm Chuck Would not allow it but Forced Hamlin to tell Jimmy and let Jimmy think Hamlin Was responsible  When Chuck developed Electro Magnetic Hyper Sensitivity and took a temporary leave of Absence Hamlin Practically assumed Ownership of the Firm  When Chuck received a stipend Jimmy Felt the Money Was too little Hamlin Then responded by lowering it to even less Jimmy Worked to gain the services of Craig and Betsy Kettleman but they Chose to take their business to HHM  later When The Kettlemans disappeared Hamlin tried to exclude Jimmy from police investigation despite Jimmy being able to provide Essential Evidence  needing to get on his Feet and Still Holding a grudge Jimmy purposely Evoked Imitation in public by Coppying the layout Of an HHM  banner Showing Hamlin for his own advertisement  Hamlin Then retaliated by Suing Jimmy  the Court Ruled in His Favor but unfortunately for Hamlin Jimmy turned the thing to his Favor by allowing himself to lose so he could Combine the banner Removal with a publicity Stunt in Which a man Fell from the billboard and had to be Saved by Jimmy. When Jimmy began Working on the sandpiper Crossing Case With Chuck  He was convinced by his brother to refer the Case to HHM  Chuck Contacted Hamlin  and instructed him to keep Jimmy Out Of The Firm When Hamlin Was Made once again to break the news to Jimmy  Chuck Feigned disappointment and allowed a enraged Jimmy to insult Hamlin . Hamlin.s employee Kim Wexler confronted him over the firm,s mistreatment of Jimmy  He Was Quick to snap at her but soon regreted it Calling her back into his office and explaining the situlation. When Jimmy deduced the truth for himself  He turned the Case over to HHM as well as Chuck,s Care  after this Jimmy Made Up With Hamlin Who then Vouched for him to get a job at Davis and main  Which HHM Was partnering With on the sandpiper Case . 

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