Homer Griffin
Homer Griffin



Full name

Homer Robert Burger Griffin




  • Homer Simpson (dad)
  • Peter Griffin (dad)

Age in 1 year


Favorite food


Birth date

October 24 2011

Homer Griffin is the son of Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson. He is one of the Great Old Ones, and simply being in 50 miles of him can cause complete and total insanity. He is the secret lover of Esther Esthederm

Notable Quotes:
"Leave me alone at once."
"Did I not ask you to speak up?"
"Only for you, Esther."
"Pity it all you want, Patty."

Notable Powers

Homer Griffin has been noted to shoot beams of light. No one knows whether or not these are dangerous, as anyone close enough to see them dies instantly.

Homer Griffin can create shadow clones at will. The true nature of their forms cannot be grasped, however it is understood that only he can interact with them.

Homer Griffin is able to stretch his pinky finger on each hand at will and wrap it around metal poles with ease.


Homer Griffin is always seen wearing his iconic blue and white T-shirt, complimented by red shorts and sky blue boots.

His skin is a shade of yellow, with coke-bottle eyeglasses, and a slicked over double haircut - taking inspiration from both of his fathers.

His last height and weight measurement put him at 823 pounds; reaching 2 feet and 3 inches.

References in Pop Culture

Homer Griffin has made several pop culture appearances, including:

  • MineCon 2014
  • The Official music video for "My Hero" by The Foo Fighters
  • Halo 2 Online
  • Dark Souls 3 [unverified]
  • "I Married Marge" ( s3e12 of The Simpsons)
  • Jimmy Timmy Power Hour


  • Each stripe on Homer Griffin's shirt represents a sin.
  • His powers have unknown origin, though it is theorised that his fathers have kept a secret life of super powers hidden from him.
  • Due to severe memory loss, Homer Griffin can not remember many of the hilarious cameos he has made throughout his time.
  • It is foretold that after his death, Abe Simpson marries Thelma's ghost, making Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin step-brothers.
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