Home Bowl
Home Bowl is a song sung by Peter Griffin and Glenn Quagmire in the episode "Into Harmony's Way".


Peter: I can't poop in strange places.
Quagmire: Strange places.
Peter: I can only poop in my home.
It's as though I'm watched by strange faces.
Quagmire: Strange faces.
Peter: It's why I never roam.
Guy (Speaking): Excuse me, I just wanna grab one of those newspapers.
Quagmire (Speaking): Just grab one and go!
Guy (Speaking): I'm looking for a job, okay?!
Peter: I've left Stewie alone with strangers,
Quagmire: Strangers.
Peter: To satisfy my fecal needs.
Both: I've put my whole family in danger,
To poop before my anus bleeds.
Home bowl, home bowl.
You know just what I need.
Home bowl, home bowl.
Poop before my anus bleeds.

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