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Heather Griffin (née Sung) the girlfriend turn wife of Karen Griffin. She is a hot girly lesbian girl from China, who all the guys wish was straight so they could have a chance with her. She first appeared in "Handling Karen". She is voiced by Cherry Chevapravatdumrong.


Heather first appeared in "Handling Karen", where she accompanied her girlfriend, Karen on her visit to see her brother in Quahog. Heather acts as a foil to Karen, not being a stereotypical mannish brute and instead acting like a stereotypical girly girl. Peter was pissed off that he couldn't have sex with her because she was a lesbain.

In "Bride Whores", Heather and Karen got married but Heather was stood up at the altar, when Karen had second thoughts. Lois consulted Karen and she went back to marry Heather and their wedding did just fine.

In "Little Orphan Stewie", Heather and Karen considered adopting a child but Lois didn't know if she was ready for that and had them babysit Stewie to see how good they'd be at caring for a kid. Although it was a horrible nightmare to take care of him, Karen and Heather pulled through it and decided to go to the sperm bank to get inseminated with a baby.

In "A House Full of Peters", it was revealed that a while back, Heather and Karen tried to have a baby, by going to the sperm bank and having Karen serve as the carrier. Little did they know, the sperm Karen chose was from her biological brother, causing them to have a giant inbred kid named Hubert. They quickly abandoned their son and tried to dust his existence under the rug.

In "Maid in China", Heather said that she had family in China, which The Griffins visited on their way to save Consuela.

In "Three's Company", Heather and Karen got into a polyamorous relationship with Kimi. However, Heather thinks Karen is spending more time with Kimi then her so she dumps them both and goes to live with The Griffins. Not really asking to live with them just ... letting herself in. You know how lesbian female Asians in polyamorous relationships are. Heather does some big and crazy stunts to remind Karen why she loves her and this makes Karen dump Kimi to get back together with her.

Episode Appearances


- Unnamed father

- Unnamed mother

- Karen Griffin (wife)

- Francis Griffin (father-in-law)

- Thelma Griffin (mother-in-law)

- Peter Griffin (half-brother-in-law)

- Lois Griffin (co-half-sister-in-law)

- Meg Griffin (adoptive half-niece-in-law)

- Chris Griffin (older half-nephew-in-law)

- Stewie Griffin (younger half-nephew-in-law)

- April Griffin (younger half-niece-in-law)